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1300 S. Erie St.
Massillon, OH  44646
(330) 837-2254
fax: (330) 830-0841

Frequently Asked Questions
    How do I contact you?
      Draime Enterprises, Inc.
      1300 S. Erie St.
      Massillon, Ohio  44646
      phone: (330) 837-2254
      fax: (330) 830-0841
      click here to e-mail us

      Our business hours are:
      Monday through Friday,
      8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, EST.

    What type of engines do you build?

      We build small block Chevrolet and Mopar based high performance professional racing engines.

    Can you send me a catalog?

      Due to the rapid and ever-changing nature of autosports, we have found it impossible to print catalogs.  We would be happy to discuss an engine program to suit your needs.  Just contact us, and tell us what you are looking for.

    Will you sponsor my team?

      Our customers who race as a hobby are just as important to us as our customers who race across fifty states.  It is our goal to sell the best racing engines at a competitive price.  Therefore, to keep our prices fair for everyone, we do not offer sponsorships.

    I bought a used Draime engine, can you give me some info on it?

      Yes, we can!  All we need is the engine's DER serial number, located on the #2 port side of the block, near the water pump.

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